Current hardware projects we are working on for the C64/C128.

 We is Benjamin and Michael (that's me). Benjaming is studying physics at the univerity in Göttingen/Germany and I also study physics but at the university in Halle/Germany.


The SSI-Interface

We made some hardware to connect any 3-Wire-Serial-Interface to the userport of a C64 or C128. The interface uses CIA1 to send data and CIA2 to receive data. We tested it with a 24Bit ADC (AD7718 from Analog Devices). CNT1 and CNT2 were connected by JP1 and the FLAG2 NMI was used to get notified by the /RDY line of the ADC. Here are the schematics of it.
I did mostly the software part. There are three major routines. The Assembler format is for use with DASM.

The routines for graphics output on the VDC-Chip. Might require a 64Kb VDC memory upgrade. Features are
- high res graphics mode 752x288 pixel
- pixel set/delete/invert
- very fast line drawing routine
- fast text output in graphics mode

The measurement routines, might require a little changes to use with another ADC than the AD7718.
Featuring a
- dynamic NMI handling for sending/receiving data, measures in background
- supports multi channel measurements
- measurement is stop/restart-able (though there will be time jump within the datas)

The viewing routines, need at least Horst in memory.
- possible to view the measurement while it's running
- zoom funktion

Don't forget this file for definition of memory locations, it is used by the other routines.

If you need additional information for this or give any comments send me a mail.

The IEE488/RS232/IDE-Interface

Since we plan the C128 as controller computer we need a interface to communicate with other computers or simply for storing data. In 64'er C128-Sonderheft 10 there was an article about a IEEE488 interface with an adapted Kernal. Our interface is basically a 3 in 1 version. It has a compatible version of the IEEE488 interface. The RS232 part uses a 16550 FiFo and the IDE-interface is accessed through a 8255 I/O chip.
Currently I only got the platine-layout. And a shot of Benjamin holding the card without and with chips. And I got a shot of his first tests with a C64. Meanwhile I made some routines for the RS232 and IDE-part, I am still thinking of a file system that is quite a standard but supports a wide range of sizes.
I'll come together with Benjamin this friday 2. May 2003 to test them.