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How do I play?

Simply use the Cursor-Keys to move. Up to jump.

Move Giana safe through the levels. Beware of hungry monsters, hot fire, acid water and deep valleys.

You can jump on the monsters and collect bonus crystals. Fifty will give you an extra life.



The first Version was propably made on the 8th of May in 1997. (My HDD didn't remember exactly ;-) )

This Applet was completely written by me (Michael Huth)

The level-graphic was made by me

The level backgrounds were made by GTH. (Great work!)

The title-picture was taken from the original Giana-Sisters Intro-Screen on C64.

The game over and end-picture are parts of pictures made by Micheal Whealan

and audial effects were converted from different Freeware CDs.

Levels were also made by me.

The Applet is Freeware, you can include it on your own homepage if you like it.



There are always problems especially with quite new technologies like Java.

If it crashes try to press Enter in the URL-line or try Reload.

In worse cases the whole browser crashes :-(

and don't forget: Have Fun!