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Welcome at my little Java-Gallery

Before you start please read this little notice:

Programming Java-Applets for the Web isn't easy. Little Standard Applets work well in IE or Netscape. But with more complex applets both have problems. So if any applet won't run, maybe it does in the other browser.



This is a Java-Game. It's a nice Jump'n Run. It's the only Applet I send to the Java Rating Service and I think the previous Version was rated quite good. I didn't send in the current version. Well try it out.

PUC-MAN 75% Version

This is one of the first Applets I programed. It didn't got ready at least.


An animation for an austrian firm.
Blender This Applet blends between two Images softly.


an Intro with some Logo-Effect, a Sin-Wobbling-Plasma-Scroller with calculated Fire-Effect in background (everything realtime of course ;-o)

Mouseover Buttons

Buttons which change if you move with your Mouse over it. If you click on it, it'll change to a specified URL.


Fades an Image softly in&out

Fire a realtime calcuated Fire Effect


This Applet changes to a specified URL as soon as it is running. f.e. to test if the client supports java.

The Light

An Light moving over an Image


if you have forgotten what to say, this Applet gives you a phrase to fill the break


A real Plasmaeffect with the possibility to put some text (or else) in front of it.


A Sinus Scroller with Plasma-Effect in the letters.

SinusScroller A faster and bigger Sinus-Scroller


A simple SinusScroller with Stars in background. This is one of my very first Applets.

Rotator This Applet rotates an Image in different speeds
Colorplasma Three colored Plasmas over an Image (looks quite good)


Stars over an Image...

The Swing

A Sinus-swinging Logo...


An Applet which shows nice colored Text based on a C64-Sprite Charset


A animated Logo I made for a Meridian59-Guild

The UpScroll

A highly configureable Upscroller, including a Link on it.


A mouseover sensitiv link which looks like dropping into water

wobbling Link

Some wobbling text on Mouseover originally this should have been an animated link. Also one of my early Applets

Text Plasma

The Plasmaeffect applied on a defineable Image

A real Wobbler

This Applet wobbles an Image (Good on Portraits (hehe))

Voxel-Space Showing some moving Landscape (remember the game comanche?)
Members A member-list-applet for a guild page
Guild-Intro An introduction for a guild page

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